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Choose from a range of domains such as or if you run a service on a Raspberry Pi, how about!

Remotely Access your Devices

Remotely access your security cameras, computer or even a personal server. Our free DDNS service will make it simple to quickly and easily create and manage hostnames for any IP Address you want, including IPv6 addresses!

What if my IP changes?

Using our Updater software for Microsoft Windows, you don't have to worry about your IP changing. The software automatically detects when your IP address changes and informs our servers which instantly update the DNS record to show your new one. From the minute your IP changes, your hostname will be accurate to your new IP. And if you use Linux, we've even got an API you can use with open source DDNS clients such as ddclient or you could set up a cron job to use curl to inform our update page of your address change.

What Will You Get?

  • Free Dynamic DNS with unlimited hostnames!
  • IPv6 and IPv4 support.
  • Hostnames NEVER expire unless you delete them yourself.
  • API access to use existing tools such as ddclient.
  • डायनेमिक डीएनएस
  • динамическая система доменных имен
  • 动态DNS
  • DNS Dinámico
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